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When and more importantly HOW did it happen?

Daniel Mendoza Photography
Daniel Mendoza Photography

When and more importantly HOW did it happen?…

I can start telling you a story like “…it was a long time ago when darkness fell upon a distant land…” blah, blah, blah and then you would be bored to death. I won’t do that. LOL

What I can tell you is I started paying more attention to the light. Yup. That’s it. In a nutshell it was because of the light and it was not a distant land… It was right here in Ventura, CA. Let’s just say Ventura County since I kindda travel it a lot.

I am not quite sure how to describe it. I just noticed that the mood of the moment was different when you changed or modified the light… and to take it even further, add colors to the equation and as well and there you have it. You make it easy for your mind to recall a memory. 

This reminds me of the movie “Rattatouille” from Disney. When Remy, the main character, combined ingredients to create something special.
Same happens here. Combine Light, Colors and People, capture it and you have a memory.
Forever, instead of eating it.

I am sure you have gone to a bar or restaurant that is pretty cool lit and has some nice combination of colors. Those colors are the ones that change our moods and make a mark in our minds creating a new experience or what we call, a memory. All the colors around us help us build, create, enhance our moments with others. How we see everything around us changes in an instant into feelings that we can’t possibly put in words.
That is WHY I decided to put all those feelings, light, colors and most importantly Families and Friends into pictures.

Not only in photography, in my life as well, to follow the light has been one of my goals. As a family man, I can honestly tell you, when you put things or situations under a different light everything can change, even your state of mind. You could be sad sometimes but I can assure you that there are images you have that bring a smile to your face. Am I right? Like family pictures. There are stories behind them. A reason for them to exist.

In my case, my little one can go to sleep safe and sound after I have lit underneath her bed just in case there are little monsters, you know?
When I am having a bad day the photographs of my baby girl, my light, help me push through and conquer in the end. Trust me, it happens very often and to the most of us.

It is the beauty of light and color that have led me to where I am right now as a photographer. Light has enabled me to have and re-experience some of the greatest moments I have gone through in my life and better yet…to share them with friends and family has no price.

Being married has taught me that every single moment is precious and that they are not coming back. I love looking back and re-experiencing my fun times with my family. Memories will fade, but photos are forever. I know I enjoy looking at my treasured memories and even occasionally showing them off. 

Great Expectations

That is what I truly desire for all my families, friends, brides, grooms, high school seniors, my engaged couples, everyone for that matter. I want them to have beautiful moments to look at through beautiful photographs. Moments that make them re-experience their feelings. Their human touch, the connection, the love for one another. The reason why they push through day by day, no matter how difficult the situation, the reason they change their state of mind for the better of them and theirs.
I want everyone to see the way I feel about the beauty that we are gifted with every single day. I want everyone to be sure that, as a professional, their moments will be treated with all my attention, passion, creativity, artistry and photographic skill so in the end they can show off their photos as Art, family heirlooms of this great human collection.

It is the elegance and the beauty of every moment that makes everything worthwhile. Let us explore together what we can create.

It would be my greatest pleasure if you would allow me the honor of capturing your most precious moments in your life and display them in the heart of your home for everyone to see all the beauty, artistry and passion within.

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